GPrX Monitor

Smart lists for digital marketing.

GPrX Monitor is an easy-access web portal that lets you track healthcare brands' prescribing performance, anywhere in the UK.

You'll quickly be able to list and rank the exact NHS locations where clinicians are using any of the brands in your market, along with payer spend and sales volumes.

This is specific, measurable and actionable intelligence for market access that NHS prescribing data is uniquely placed to deliver.

Log in to GPrX Monitor to see:

  • The name and location of every practice prescribing your product in UK.
  • First-time prescribers list to quickly identify who you are converting.
  • Detailed product breakdown showing brand or generic prescribing.
  • Response to your activities from the locations you're trying to influence.

GPrX data helps you to:

  • Find specific primary care growth opportunities.
  • Identify early adopters.
  • Determine the success of your messaging.
  • Evaluate ROI on your campaigns.

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